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Halloween Safety Guide for your Child with Autism

Image courtesy Tumblr Halloween is one of those seasons that creates an immense amount of joy for many children. Dressing in costumes, playing fun games, and going out to get candy are just some of the activities involved in the

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Home Safety

I have had to take many safety measures in making my home safe. I have rearranged my furniture so that it is blocking windows. I put an extra lock on my door, alarms that sound off when the door opens

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Wandering and Elopement

There was a time when I was visiting my aunt, I went to the grocery store and left my son who is autistic with my husband and Uncle. Some how my son unlocked the door to the backyard where there

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Special Needs Car Seats

The safety of our children is always the #1 priority. Lately I have been researching car seats and seat belt buckle guards for children with autism, because my son who has autism is unaware of his own safety,and does not

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