Our Stars Inc. holds private workshops open to parents, guardians, individuals, and groups who are looking for a one-on-oneMishonJohnson0001 styled experience.

OSI combines the expertise of an autism mom with an extensive background in the child development field, for over 15 years, to offer you these workshops to help you navigate through having a child with special needs.

The workshops are designed for those who need guidance and a better understanding of raising a child with special needs like autism and everything that goes along with the unique journey (i.e. parenting, bullying, planning, and so on.)

The types of workshops we offer are listed below:
– Special Education Laws
– IPP or IFSP/IEP (binder)
– Developing and Organizing
– Parenting a Child with a Special Needs (like autism)
– Discipline

We can work with caretakers, wherever you are on your journey with your child and can tailor a workshop around your needs and interests.

To inquire about our private workshops, send us an email or call, (951) 395-0916 OR (562) 452-0281.

We would love to discuss how we can help you and your family on your journey.