6 Time & Money Saving Tips For Busy Parents

I’m a busy mom of three and I’m on a super tight schedule, as most parents are these days. I need to save as much time and money as I possibly can while navigating the world of parenthood in the 21st century. Below, I have compiled a quick list of tips that I’ve been using for the past few years to cut down on time and cash.

1) Set a Budget and Try to Stick to It

Ah, a budget. Don’t skip over this advice. Having the amount of money you need to use each month/spending period can help you to save. Try using an Excel spreadsheet, a Planner, a Notebook or an App. Knowing what you spend monthly can cut down on unnecessary spending and those nasty late fees.

2) Set Up Automatic Bill Pay and/or Bill Pay Reminders

Tick Tock, time to pay your Electric Bill. You didn’t forget did you? There are tons of free Bill Pay Apps out there to help keep up with reminders of when bills are do. You’ll also have the ability to sync your credit card accounts, bank accounts, utilities, the list goes on. I have tried quite a few of them, two of my favorite apps are Mint and Every Dollar. I also use the Happy Planner-Budget Planner, which I love most of all, but find one that works for you.

Try this Spring/Summer Planner.

3) Have Your Groceries Delivered

The grocery store is sometimes crowded, exhausting, and high-priced. Enter delivery service! Where I live, there are only a few options for grocery delivery. I have tried Vons/Albertsons and Amazon Fresh, a hand full of times. I have to say, I like Vons/Albertsons most of all. Vons/Albertsons has deals on delivery and free items when you purchase a certain amount. Amazon Fresh requires that you are a prime member and pay an additional fee of $14.99 a month in along with the prime membership fee (not the most ideal if you’re on a budget). Though, I do like the reusable bags Amazon Fresh have for you to keep. The unattended drop times allows delivery without someone being home which is a lot more flexibility in times.

Both delivery services allows you to try them for free. Having my groceries delivered has helped with saving me time, money and energy. Grocery shopping online helps me to cut down on a lot of unnecessary impulse buying. Goodbye candy bars. So, in the end, the fee for membership or delivery is so worth it in the long run. Here is a link to use: Try Amazon Prime Free Trial

Do you Shop at Ralphs Grocery Stores?

4) Use 1-hour Pick-up

Stop by, hop out, go in, pick-up, head home. Stores like Target, Lowes, Walmart, Staples, Office Depot, JcPenney, and many more, use 1-hour pick up. This method can be quick at times and ordering items ahead guarantees what you’re looking for will be there, instead of walking around the store searching which is tedious.

5) Make Lunches for the Next Day While You’re Making Dinner

While dinner is cooking, instead of resting my feet, I, as quickly as I can, prepare my kids lunches for the following day. This can eliminate double clean up. I also, try to have non-fridge lunch items packed in baggies and put in lunch bags ready to go.

6) Start Planning Your Week on Sunday

There’s no wondering what to wear. Have a full weeks’ worth of clothes picked out. Write out a simple meal plan of the meals including snacks for the week. I promise you, your week will run a lot smoother. This also helps when you are deciding the grocery list.

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Hopefully, these tips are helpful to you. I use or have used all of these tips myself, but try them for yourself.

Looking for those Apps I mentioned? Try Google Play Store or Apple Store.

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