12 Resourceful Back-To-School Tips


Transitioning back to school can be highly stressful for students, parents, and teachers alike but it doesn’t have to be. Below are a resourceful collection of tips, whether school has already started or if it hasn’t, to make sure things go well. Have a great school year!

1). Things to Do Before The I.E.P. Meeting (Our Stars Inc)
2). 19 Steps To Take During, End And After The IEP Meeting (Our Stars Inc)
3). Back-To-School Quick Tips (Our Stars Inc)
4). Back-To-School Sensory Strategies (Ark Therapeutic)
5). Transition Tips for Children Starting Middle School (The Happy Home Life)
6). How to Write a Social Story for Transition Back-to-School (Our Stars Inc)
7). 12 Tips on Preparing for Back-to-School (Our Stars Inc)
8). How to Create a Visual Schedule (Our Stars Inc)
9). Before and After School Checklist Printable {PDF & Silhouette Cut + Print files} (Wine & Glue)
10). 10 Must Read Anti-Bullying Books for Everyone (Our Family World)
11). Helping Students with Autism Navigate Back-to-School Time (IAN Community)
12). School Community Tool Kit (Autism Speaks)

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