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Free Autism Medical Ids & Wandering Support Services (Limited Time)

MedicAlert Autism is currently (for a limited time) offering, free autism medical Ids and wandering support services. 50% of individuals with autism will wander or elope. For children with autism who wander and are under the age of ten, 42%

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Autism News: Immune System and Autism, Wandering, Autism Training for First Responders and more

Does the Immune System Have a Role in Battling Autism? [ Scientific American ] New study finds mice may need infection-fighting molecules to socialize Molecules that protect the body from infection may be needed for mice to socialize with their

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Home Safety

I have had to take many safety measures in making my home safe. I have rearranged my furniture so that it is blocking windows. I put an extra lock on my door, alarms that sound off when the door opens

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Wandering and Elopement

There was a time when I was visiting my aunt, I went to the grocery store and left my son who is autistic with my husband and Uncle. Some how my son unlocked the door to the backyard where there

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