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20 Benefits for Special Needs (Kids) & Parents/Caregivers Social MeetUp Groups

10 Benefits for Special Needs (Kids) Social MeetUp Groups (monthly events) include the following: – Developing positive friendships – Building confidence – Listening skills – Communicating verbally & nonverbally with peers – Problem-solving – Negotiating – Sharing, taking turns, flexibility

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#OurStarsIncSocial Special Needs MeetUp Dates for Kids AND Parents

Come on out and join the Our Stars Inc Special Needs Socialization & Playgroup! Upcoming Events can be found at our MeetUp link Our Stars Inc.Special Needs Socialization and Playgoup Menifee, CA 30 Members Looking for FUN, Interactive Activities for

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Disney Side Celebration!

  This weekend I showed my Disney Side by throwing my youngest boys a Mickey Mouse and friends birthday celebration. A few of my 4 yr. old’s friends joined us for some Disney fun. Everyone had a blast. We played

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Celebrating Birthdays!

Celebrating birthdays in my family is kind of a big deal, for me any ways! Not Necessarily having a huge party, but doing fun things my family loves doing. My birthday is in five days. I asked some friends what

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Vaccination’s Controversy

There is so much controversy about vaccinations and how they cause autism! There has been research done on this matter. There is not a single answer to weather or not vaccinations are the actual cause. In my opinion I believe

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