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Idea’s For Building Supportive Relationships with Extended Family And Friends.

Parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) rate ‘family’ as one of their top three sources of support. Friends can also be a big help. Here are some ideas for building supportive relationships with your extended family and friends.

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10 Survival Kit Tips For Family Gatherings

1. Electronic Games – For us it’s the iPad. He has endless games, and movies on that thing and it is his safe haven when he doesn’t want to be social. Can’t forget the charger and an extension cord. 2.

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Cont. Family Gathering Tips

In yesterday’s post, I discussed supplies (a “survival kit”) that families could take when bringing their ASD child to a big family event such as a family reunion. Today I want to discuss other kinds of plans that can be

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10 Tips for Family Reunions and Stay-cations

I suggest planning for the best, rather than hoping for the best, and recommend bringing a survival kit of helpful supplies. I think that many families affected by ASDs already have this skill down, but those new to the spectrum

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Sensory Friendly Films

On June 29th, I will be attending a sensory friendly (Sensory Friendly – means the sound will be turned down) film at our local AMC theatre. I will be bringing along my boys, ages 1 years, 3 years and 10

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