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Disney Side Celebration!

  This weekend I showed my Disney Side by throwing my youngest boys a Mickey Mouse and friends birthday celebration. A few of my 4 yr. old’s friends joined us for some Disney fun. Everyone had a blast. We played

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Help for our Parents and Caregivers

There are many parents and caregivers who have mental illness and don’t even know it. In all the different communities mental illness is looked at as a stigma, a label which is one of the reasons parents and caregivers do not

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Disabled Parents and Caregivers of Autistic Children

I am always asked by others, “How do you do it?” My response is “I have no other choice, if I don’t then who will!” Usually only people who knows my struggle with my own disabilities ask this question. As

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Vaccination’s Controversy

There is so much controversy about vaccinations and how they cause autism! There has been research done on this matter. There is not a single answer to weather or not vaccinations are the actual cause. In my opinion I believe

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Autism Education Cards

This is an example of what I have put on my education autism cards, so if and when my son has a meltdown I have these cards so on-lookers can understand what’s going on. This helps to educate others about

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