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Thanksgiving, Autism, and Family Gatherings Tips

Image courtesy Free Images Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it’s a time of the year when family gathers together to enjoy food and give thanks for the current year’s happenings. If your child is on the autism spectrum

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6 Time & Money Saving Tips For Busy Parents

I’m a busy mom of three and I’m on a super tight schedule, as most parents are these days. I need to save as much time and money as I possibly can while navigating the world of parenthood in the 21st

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6 Quick Helpful Tips for an Autism Child’s Successful Visit to Barbershop

I recently took my boys to get haircuts at the barbershop for the first time (Read: Our Trip to the Local Barbershop for a Haircut). Since everything was a such a success, I wanted to share the tips I used

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12 Resourceful Back-To-School Tips

Transitioning back to school can be highly stressful for students, parents, and teachers alike but it doesn’t have to be. Below are a resourceful collection of tips, whether school has already started or if it hasn’t, to make sure things

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Tips on Autism Safety and Law Enforcement

Recently in the news, a therapist, Charles Kinsey, was shot by the police while trying to aid a young man with autism. This brings up many different important discussion topics which got us at Our Stars Inc. thinking about safety between law

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