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Halloween Safety Guide for your Child with Autism

Image courtesy Tumblr Halloween is one of those seasons that creates an immense amount of joy for many children. Dressing in costumes, playing fun games, and going out to get candy are just some of the activities involved in the

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5 Signs You Should TakeYour Child To The Emergency Room

5 signs you need to take your child to the Emergency Room I have been to the emergency room on several occasions. But when do you know when to go or when to wait to see your child’s primary doctor.

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What Parents Can Do About Bullying And How To Stop It

65% of parents reported that their children with Asperger’s syndrome had been victimized by peers in some way within the past year Source: Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing (2009) Read More at Autism Safety If you know or suspect your

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Training Your Own Service Dog

My family has decided to train our very own service dog. We are looking to start this process some time next year. My family chose to train an animal to become one of a growing number of autism service dogs

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Home Safety

I have had to take many safety measures in making my home safe. I have rearranged my furniture so that it is blocking windows. I put an extra lock on my door, alarms that sound off when the door opens

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