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Vaccination’s Controversy

There is so much controversy about vaccinations and how they cause autism! There has been research done on this matter. There is not a single answer to weather or not vaccinations are the actual cause. In my opinion I believe

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What Parents Can Do About Bullying And How To Stop It

65% of parents reported that their children with Asperger’s syndrome had been victimized by peers in some way within the past year Source: Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing (2009) Read More at Autism Safety If you know or suspect your

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Effective Advocacy

Effective Advocacy Characteristics of a Successful Advocate Attitude: Positive, persistent, prepared – think out strategies before the meeting. Flexible: Know WHAT you really need – be flexible on HOW it is done. Fair: You are in this for the long

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19 Steps To Take During, End And After The IEP Meeting

During the IEP meeting, you will develop the IEP document, which is a written statement that lists the support and services your special needs child will receive to reach his goals. As a parent, you are an equal member of

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Things To Do Before The IEP Meeting

It’s the time that parents refer to as “IEP season,” and many parents face it with a mixture of hope and apprehension. The IEP is an individualized document designed to outline goals and treatment plans for children with special needs.

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