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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

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Planning Help for the Holidays (2017)

Just in time for Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Just in time for St. Lucia Day. Just in time for Hanukkah (Chanukah). Just in time for Christmas. Just in time for Kwanzaa. Whatever holiday you celebrate, don’t worry, we’ve

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Happy Thanksgiving

Our Stars Inc is wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Photo credit: National Geographic Kids

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Thanksgiving, Autism, and Family Gatherings Tips

Image courtesy Free Images Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it’s a time of the year when family gathers together to enjoy food and give thanks for the current year’s happenings. If your child is on the autism spectrum

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7 Free Thanksgiving Activities & Crafts Kids Will Enjoy

Thanksgiving is a great time of year for gathering with family and close friends and sharing a special time together over a hot meal. There are a plethora of crafts and activities that can be done in preparation for Thanksgiving.

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