Thanksgiving, Autism, and Family Gatherings Tips

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it’s a time of the year when family gathers together to enjoy food and give thanks for the current year’s happenings. If your child is on the autism spectrum celebrating holidays with large amounts of people can possibly become an uncomfortable situation.

A few years ago, Our Stars Inc. posted some helpful tips for getting through any situation that may arise, 10 Survival Kit Items For Family Gatherings:

– Electronic Games
– Portable DVD Player and Favorite DVDs
– Favorite Tableware
– Sensory Goodies
– Favorite Toys/Activities
– Favorite Foods & Drinks
– Baby Wipes
– Change of Clothes
– Weighted Blanket
– Noise Reduction Headphones

Make sure you check out the link for more details. If you’re traveling this holiday the above items will help you be prepared for your trip.

Below are 4 tips, in addition the above items, that will get you prepared for Thanksgiving at your home:

1. Prepare. Before making a trip to celebrate with family, or having family at your house, take time to prepare your child for the upcoming journey or family gathering. Using short, descriptive sentences. Pictures from prior years can be a big help. Metro Kids

2. Dress comfortably. This probably isn’t the best time for your son/or child to wear something new or different… Autism Speaks

3. Don’t force your child to eat food they don’t want to eat. Sometimes kids on the spectrum are picky eaters. Rather than trying to force turkey down your child’s throat (and risking a meltdown in the process!), allow them to eat foods they like. This may mean cooking something separate for them. It may mean bringing the preferred food to a relative’s house. If the latter is the case, be sure to give the host or hostess a forewarning. Again, assure them it’s nothing personal. The Autism Site

4. Praise good behavior. If you see your child behaving well with manners, politeness, etc. let them know they are doing well and that you are proud of them.

We sure hope all of the tips included will help families be prepared for the holiday.

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