Our First Trip to the Local Barbershop for a Haircut

This past Saturday, I took my boys to get their hair cut at local barbershop, Paco’s Fresh Kutts. This was CJ’s and EJ’s first experience at an actual barbershop. Since they were babies, they have gotten their hair cut at home. CJ has done fairly well with the experience and I’d been talking to him about going to the barbershop to get his hair cut like a big boy like his older brother JJ which made him excited. EJ, on the other hand, hates haircuts. He hates the sound of the clippers and the little hairs that fall on his face during the hair cut. EJ usually screams and hollers as if someone is hurting him. I’ve talked with EJ about getting a big boy hair cut as well and to my surprise he was super excited too! After about a month of casually talking about hair cuts at the barbershop, I finally made the appointment.

I made it a family event. My oldest son JJ sat down in the chair first and beside him was CJ. I stood in front of CJ so he knew where I was and that I was watching him to let him know what an awesome job he was doing sitting still. Towards the end, he became a little restless but none the less he did great. There was no melt-down and there were no tears. EJ was awesome too, though, half way through his hair cut he tells me and the barber one more minute and exactly one minute later he tried to take the cape off and tells us, “all done”. I quickly told EJ he’s almost done and gave him step by step instructions on what needed to be done next. I noticed my commentary helped with him sitting a little longer. I also asked EJ what he wanted his style to look like. He told me “like JJ hair”! He wanted his hair cut like his oldest brother. Sweet.

When I took my boys to Paco’s Fresh Kutts Barber Shop, I let the owner Paco know that two of my boys have autism and this was their first hair cut at a barbershop. Their barber, James, was very patient with my boys. Everything was such a success that I will definitely be returning there. I have listed some things to do before and during a trip to the barbershop (Read: 6 Quick Helpful Tips for an Autism Child’s Successful Visit to Barbershop).

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