Planning for Spring/Summer Break Activities

Spring break is upon us, or will be soon, for most. In the past, I used to scramble to find activities for my kiddos to do during spring break which can become very stressful when you don’t have a plan for out-of-school time. Lesson learned, so now, I plan ahead!

I try to keep my kids’ schedules somewhat the same as when they were in school. This means my boys wake up and go to sleep at the same times they would if they had school and they also eat lunch and snacks around the same time. To help reinforce this, I setup a picture schedule that features pictures of items or activities so my boys know what they will be doing for the day.

I use a monthly calendar and/or a weekly planner and I write down all of my appointments and my children’s appointments, including activities according to my available time on any given day.

Here’s a list of my top Spring/Summer Break Activities:

1. Paint or Draw
2. Start a Patio Garden
3. Movies
4. Picnic at the Park
5. Swimming
6. Cooking
7. Zoo
8. Trampoline Park
9. Museum
10. Farm Visit

What activities do you do for Spring/Summer break? Please share in the comments below.

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