Help for our Parents and Caregivers

There are many parents and caregivers who have mental illness and don’t even know it. In all the different communities mental illness is looked at as a stigma, a label which is one of the reasons parents and caregivers do not seek out help.

I have read post and news clippings about parents committing suicide and taking there children’s lives. This saddens me that there was no emotional support for them and that it got to the point of not wanting to live. We are human and humans have a breaking point.

But before a parent reaches that breaking point there should be services provided (therapies, medication, yoga, support groups, respite) I have yet to see a program like the one I am describing. My hopes for Our Stars Inc. in the near future will be to start a program like the one I mentioned.

I believe we need more help and support for parents and caregivers. We schedule and take our children to appointments and to different therapies. We need to take time out and schedule an appointment to talk to someone weather it is a Pastor, Doctor,or an understanding friend. Never try to hold in your feelings, because eventually they will consume and break you. Always let some one know how your feeling, sometimes we may not notice that we are breaking down. The person you speak with may notice and help you find help. It is ok to ask for help, you are not weak for asking for help. Here are some helpful links for mental Health services.

Please share your experiences with me and what you are doing to help yourself, someone may read this and it could help them! Thank you and please share!

My thoughts and prayers are with all the families out there struggling!



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