Vaccination’s Controversy

There is so much controversy about vaccinations and how they cause autism! There has been research done on this matter. There is not a single answer to weather or not vaccinations are the actual cause. In my opinion I believe the risk of not vaccinating my children out weigh the other possible risk of developing autism. I spread there vaccinations out. So there not getting them all in one visit.Remember your the parent and if your pediatrician gives you a hard time about it, it’s time to switch Pediatricians.
***Warning I am not a medical professional, this is my opinion only!***

There is one vaccination I won’t allow my children to receive and it is the influenza vaccination. My reasons for this are: I don’t receive it myself,due to the fact I am allergic to eggs and the influenza vaccination has traces of egg. I have never gotten the influenza vaccination due to this reason only. I have watched my identical twin sister become very ill after the vaccination. My younger sister had her 3 year old vaccinated and she became very ill.My sister told me she felt forced to vaccinate for influenza. I told her she has the last say! From then on my niece does not receive the influenza vaccination.

Now by no means am I saying not to get the influenza vaccination. It still helps many people. My point is always keep an eye out for different things that could be a warning sign that your body or your child’s body may not be able to handle and make sure you let the doctor know right away.

Here are some links for more information:

Facts on influenza vaccination

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