10 Survival Kit Tips For Family Gatherings

1. Electronic Games – For us it’s the iPad. He has endless games, and movies on that thing and it is his safe haven when he doesn’t want to be social. Can’t forget the charger and an extension cord.

2. Portable DVD Player and Favorite DVDs – In case there is lack of wifi signal and Netflix doesn’t work.

3. Favorite Tableware – Most kids like CJ, are very particular about things. Sometimes they will refuse to eat or throw a fit, if it is not served on their favorite plate or in their favorite cup.

4. Sensory Goodies – Hand Fidgets, Chew Tubes, Spinning toys, etc.- When he gets starts to get anxious, these things will help distract him and relieve stress.

5. Favorite Toys/Activities – Familiar toys and activities will keep him busy if he doesn’t want to play with the other kids. Plus, they are familiar to him, which helps his anxiety levels. Plus, I know his toys are safe and he can’t eat them.

6. Favorite Foods & Drinks – CJ is a picky eater. In hopes preventing a meltdown, I take one of his frozen pizza’s and his special drinks.

7. Baby Wipes – These are lifesaver. They clean up any mess!

8. Change of Clothes – For you and the kid…Enough said!

9. Weighted Blanket – To wrap him up with or lay over him, to help calm him down when he gets crazy hyper or anxious.

10. Noise Reduction Headphones – To cancel out any the overwhelming noise of everyone talking and laughing, kids playing, loud tv’s, etc.

I hope this will be of some help for your next gathering.

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